How many times have you wanted to share a part of a web page with someone, but had difficulty describing where to find it?

You resorted to sharing the URL of the page and giving instructions. "Go to this URL, scroll down a bit... past the picture of the cat. The second line of the third paragraph from the bottom. That bit."

Now there's a better way.

Reference specific lines on specific web pages by generating a reff, and share that bit of text with your family, friends and colleagues more easily than ever before. Here's an example.

How do I

When you find a page with some text on it you want to share, simply click on the 'reff it' bookmarklet in your bookmarks/favourites. Your own unique reff will be created, ready for you to share.

Don't have the 'reff it' bookmarklet? Install it as follows:

Drag this reff it button to your bookmarklets toolbar.